Saturday , July 2 2022

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BBC News Suppression

The BBC suppresses any news that favours leaving the EU. Check these links to find out what the BBC should have told the nation: Nothing in the Belfast Agreement requires European Union Membership Imports from Calais Ports of Entry in NI Barnier preferred Canada Plus  Racism in the EU Trade …

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Political Tribalism, Brexit And The Liberalist Insurgency

Many so-called liberals are great at diagnosing destructive political tribalism when it manifests in other people, but are often blind to the same pathologies within their own ranks I wrote a long piece earlier this month about deepening political tribalism as it relates to Brexit. After the piece was serialised in Country Squire Magazine, …

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Facebook And The Fake News Monster

The mainstream media looks to Facebook and technology to solve the problem of “fake news”, while utterly ignoring their own starring role in driving readers into the arms of more disreputable news outlets Jeff Chiu has an interesting rumination in Newsweek on the way that Facebook tacitly encouraged the monster of …

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