Monday , July 4 2022

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Paying the Premiums

During this pandemic, there has been no shortage of people on television and radio, in the newspapers and on social media expressing the view that governments at every level have been woefully unprepared for this pandemic. The argument invariably centres on resources – or lack thereof. The common theme across …

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Budget 2017 Reaction

This was a holding budget designed to buy the government some political breathing room, and so Philip Hammond kicked the can down the road on nearly all of the major fiscal and structural issues facing Britain I intended this piece to be just a few disjointed thoughts reflecting on Philip …

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Labour’s Cynical, Disingenuous National Debt Hysteria

Pot, meet kettle You’ve probably already seen them countless times over the course of this general election campaign – the smug, sanctimonious internet memes bandied about by Labour supporters and other left-wing activists excoriating the Conservatives for having presided over a massive increase in the national debt since taking office in …

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