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Three hundred and fourteen years of hurt

One lion on oor flag We’re still getting steamin Three hunner years of hurt Didna stop us scheming It’s comin hame, It’s comin hame. It’s comin. Fitba’s comin hame.   The English think that they invented football, but it’s not true. Everyone knows that it was invented in Aberdeenshire. It …

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Kneeling to an unjust God

There are lots of deaths everyday in the United States. People have guns and there is a lot of violent crime. Most of it is ignored even in the United States let alone here. Imagine if in May 2020 a person of Chinese origin had been killed by a policeman. …

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Forward the Three Lions (On a Shirt)!

We at the Daily Globe and the CRCC stand it support of traditional British culture, no matter whether it comes from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. As such, the fine old English sport of football, is somethink we are proud about and support. Most of our readers were probably …

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Tom’s Daily News & Comment- November 10 and 11

News review November 11 Football punishment The English Football Association has fined West Ham and Chelsea, £40,000 and £50,000 for ‘failing to control their players’ during their recent encounter.Seriously?  These amounts are utterly meaningless to clubs of their size.  Also, there is no punishment for the causers of the loss …

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