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A great moment but challenges remain

Today’s announcement from the Prime Minister that the last vestiges of the coronavirus restrictions are being absolished is most welcome and fantastic news. The act itself will expire, the taxpayer will no longer pay for healthy people to test and there will be no more restrictions from the UK government …

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Neither European nor a Union

The purpose of history is not to explain the past. It matters little what the Romans did or did not do. The purpose is to explain the present. The key date in European history is 1870. The key place is Ems. If you understand this you understand everything not so …

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Opinion or Fact?

Have you ever noticed the underlying “but” in much of our social intercourse these days? If you haven’t it is maybe that you, like me, have almost become inured to it. We seem to live our lives embroiled in a constant stream of negativity such that the positive becomes totally …

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France must awaken

Who’d be French? A beautiful and diverse country producing goodish wines, certainly, however, consider the negatives. Think about the last 18 months. 130+ people killed and mutilated at the Bataclan, 84 innocents murdered while celebrating Bastille Day, in Nice. A priest murdered and beheaded while celebrating mass. A policeman and …

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Cameron’s dodgy dossier

Fed-up with all of the contradictory forecasts and statements about the referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the European Union?  You probably should look away. I would like to see another forecast – I know, that suggests either some kind of a weird fantasy obsession or that maybe I am …

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Competence over Jealousy

Is it really such a bad thing to be a “1%er” and be a political leader? David Cameron has led a remarkable turnaround of the British economy: from most wrecked by the financial crisis to having the fastest growing economy in the G7 and record employment. Contrast that with France’s …

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A Tale of Two Countries.

2013 was a very good year. Politically, the Tory party took steps in the right direction, ditching the “green crap”, getting tougher on immigration and welfare culture, offering people a choice on EU membership, and giving Thatcher the proper send off of admiration she deserved (I particularly liked the Prime …

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