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Brent H. Cameron is a Senior Advisor with Concierge Strategies, and a local councillor in Ontario, Canada. The second edition of his 2005 book, “The Case for Commonwealth Free Trade: Options for a new globalization” is available on Amazon worldwide – both in paperback and in Kindle e-book formats. I want to …

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The Banning of Trump is The Worst of Two Evils

Trump is banned from Twitter, permanently. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch and virtually every other social media service followed suit and banned the sitting President. Even Trump’s email distribution service now refuses to facilitate his communications. When rumours emerged that Trump was set to migrate to Parler, a competitor to Twitter, …

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The SNP are reintroducing the offence of blasphemy

The SNP has introduced a Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill. At present hate crime laws cover disability, race (and related characteristics), religion, sexual orientation and transgender identity. The bill will add age and allows sex to be added later. It also will abolish the offence of blasphemy. What …

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Democracy and Non-Criminal Hate Crime

“Non-criminal hate crime” is not a crime because it is non-criminal.  So why is anyone bothered?  Read on. When Harriet Harman framed the “Equality Act 2010” she introduced a method of law enforcement that was widely used in the Communist Bloc.  The Communists countered opinions that upset the State by …

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Why Identity Politics?

Any observer of Western politics will have noticed the rise and rise of Identity Politics.  Why is this happening? It was once tacitly assumed that the participants in political debate had good intentions even if you thought they had the wrong ideas.  Identity Politics abandons the assumption that opponents have …

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Of the Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech is apparently something which is now under threat. Spiked magazine recently made the bold claim that some three hundred years of press freedom was threatened by the British Parliamentary vote on the implementation of the second stage of the Leverson inquiry earlier this month. At roughly the same time, and with …

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An interview with Luke George

Hear Vivek Rajkhowa interview Daily Globe author and contributor Luke George! Topics include Brexit, David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn, the Commonwealth, the United States of America, the British Empire and free speech among other topic. A very good interview that allows Luke George to express his astute views. Watch it below:

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Conservatives can’t forget about Liberty

Recently, the UK has received some unfavourable international publicity for anti-speech actions of government actors. Specifically, the government banned the young Canadian right-wing provocateur Lauren Southern from entering the country and a Scottish court convicted YouTube comedian Mark Meechan (aka “Count Dankalu”) of a hate-crime for posting a video of …

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Sam Gyimah’s Great Conservative Roadshow

It’s great that Universities Minister Sam Gyimah is embarking on a tour of university campuses to spread and defend the Conservative message in traditionally hostile territory. Now we just need the government to come up with a conservative platform that’s actually worth defending Sam Gyimah appears to be on manoeuvres. …

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