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The Political Fallacies

Political beliefs depend on the many assumptions that we accrue during our lives.  The young voter is particularly prone to fallacious assumptions because of lack of experience. The worst fallacies are the caring fallacy, the fallacy of reasonableness, the globalization fallacy, the fallacy of historical responsibility and the fallacy of …

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Shed tears for this world

Many years ago I was walking across the fields of southern Anatolia watching the men scything wheat in the shimmering heat. I sat to drink. A song of loneliness and yearning came from a minaret half a mile away and the men in their baggy trousers came and sat next …

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Who are Remain and Leave?

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting outside the Mezquita Catedral at Cordoba and looking around at all the tourists.  Most of the people under thirty were wearing tee shirts and jeans and without hearing their voices it was difficult to work out where they came from.  We see …

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Remainers: You Can Stop Pretending To Be Patriotic Now

A rare moment of honesty from an arch-Remainer New Statesman staff writer Jonn Elledge – whom I recently described as “worse than a garden variety xenophobe” for his heinous statements about elderly Brexit voters, much to his indignant outrage – recently engaged in a minor Twitter spat with Tim Montgomerie …

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A Crisis Of Identity: When Global Elites Forget How To Be Patriotic

The global, liberal elite are increasingly transcending any lingering commitment to patriotism and national identity, setting them on a collision course with the small-c conservative majority Michael Lind has an unmissable essay in the National Review this week, entitled “The Open-Borders ‘Liberaltarianism’ of the New Urban Elite“, which manages to explain …

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