Wednesday , July 6 2022

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Why China is a Pariah State

Everyone wants to please China.  Large corporations are routinely amending their advertising copy to mollify China.  The EU has publicly cut criticism of China from reports.  The BBC has hosted the Chinese Ambassador lecturing the British and threatening reprisals over Hong Kong.  India has ceded 60 square kilometers of territory …

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How to destroy the UK and how to stop that happening

A nation exists where economic geography and history has led the people who occupy an area of land to create an independent economy, culture, legal system and politics. If you wish to destroy a nation you cannot do so by simply invading it. The moment the troops are withdrawn it …

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Why #Brexit?

Those who desire the people of Britain to Remain in the European Union often ask “Why do you support Brexit?”.  Here is the answer. Diversity is essential.  Economics, ecology and evolutionary theory all emphasise that growth and stability depend upon diversity.  A region that has only one industry will eventually …

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