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Homebuyers commit after just 96 minutes

Buying a home is the biggest investment most people are likely to make. You would hope that such an important investment would be given plenty of time and thought, yet amazingly Brits spend more time booking their holidays than viewing the home they buy. Abbey Mortgages worryingly found that British …

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Feng-shui your home

Feng Shui is an ancient practice which has been used by the Chinese for centuries to create a harmonious environment and living space. This is achieved by enabling positive energy (or chi) to flow freely around the home. According to the ancient art, when there is clutter, dirt and negativity, …

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Housework, retro style

As we struggle through the kind of recession not seen since the 1930s there’s no better time to look back to the cleaning techniques of our grandmothers.  Frugal and often eco-friendly, cleaning the old-fashioned way can save you pounds every month.  So drop those antiseptic wipes and overpriced toilet cleaners …

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Do you have nightmare neighbours?

You move away from your parents house, or out of shared accommodation at university or with colleagues to your dream home – it might be a small flat in the city, it might be a seven-bedroom mansion in the country, you may be alone or moving in with a partner …

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Must have items for outdoor living

When the sun breaks through and we get told that we’re about to experience a heatwave (for a couple of days at least) the whole world descends on the local DIY centre to grab all the outdoor ephemera to make it possible to live comfortably in the garden for the …

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Clean up when selling your home

With the long winter evenings drawing out and the warmer weather on its way, now is often the time of year people start to consider moving house. But before you start searching for your next potential dream home you should first turn your attention to your own property. We’ve all …

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