Wednesday , July 6 2022

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Doublethink is the new Black

Lately I’ve taken to reading the London Gazette. There’s not a lot in it to like, really. It’s not what you’d call a riveting read. You get a sense of what it’s like from how it describes itself. ‘A modern, efficient way to disseminate and record official, regulatory and legal …

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The Ever-Curious Bernard Jones

The ever-curious Bernard Jones was traipsing through the Middlefield Zoo, beginning to sweat a bit under the lazy sun while his tour guide, a petite thirty-something with sandy blond hair tied up under a plastic pithy helmet, grew impatient. “Correct me if I’m wrong,” he had said a moment ago, …

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The Man Who Loved Discount Furniture Too Much

I guess most would say show business runs in our family. For the better part of three decades, my Uncle Pat starred in those ever-popular “Super Discount Furniture Warehouse” commercials–the ones where the prices were so low, Pat’d lose his mind and start screaming and shooting his gun in the …

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Letters to ISIS from a confused UK Socialist

Having taken on board the pacifistic attitude displayed and advice given by Jeremy Corbyn, current leader of the Trotsky Labour Party, I’ve been embarking on a peaceful route towards improving Western relations with ISIS. I may not agree with Jeremy regarding current UK Foreign Policy with regards to Syria and …

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