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What do I hope to achieve by leaving the EU?

Recently I have been asked the question ‘what does the UK want?’ I think the bigger question is what do we hope to achieve by leaving the EU. I personally usually freeze up when confronted by this question for two reasons really. Firstly the question is usually attached to a …

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Scotland’s #GE2017: a proxy vote for #indyref2

Nicola Sturgeon may have called for a second Scottish referendum with public opinion polls clearly against any rerun but among the smarter intentions of her March announcement was to position the SNP to fight a snap 2017 general election on a manifesto to seek a further mandate for partitioning the …

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A British Declaration of Independence

The British people, directing their representatives, in parliament assembled and endowed with such authority as the people permit them for the common good, to declare as follows. Whereas on the 23rd day of June in the year 2016, the British people did vote peacefully and by majority on the question …

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Let Sunshine Win the Day: #VoteLeave

Two weeks from today the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland could be discovering herself a truly free and independent nation. Recent polling shows victory to be more than within grasp. How we will win though? What can we do to push Leave over the top? Very simple- …

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Scottish life expectancy

What do you think is the life expectancy for a 21st century Scot?  According to official statistics,  the latest averages are 77.1 years for a man and 81.1 years for a woman. What about a ‘generation’.  How many years do you think that might be?  I reckon somewhere between 25 …

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