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Macron’s geography lesson

France is a rather odd place. It is not merely the chunk of the European continent across the Channel. It also includes two islands in the Caribbean, Guadeloupe and Martinique, a little bit of South America, French Guiana, and two islands in the Indian Ocean, Réunion and Mayotte. These are …

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China: Britain and the West are living in the past

Dominic Raab, Joe Biden and the EU are all proposing that we continue and even increase trade with China.  They all talk of constructive engagement giving the West influence over the Chinese. This approach might have appeared reasonable twenty years ago but today it is absurd.  China has the highest …

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Build Back Worse: the Madness of In Crowds

Back in 2016, prior to the EU Referendum, I wrote of my admiration for Boris Johnson for being, like Churchill, willing to stand up to the group think views of his own class and back Brexit. He stood up against a ruling class that I described as: “People who went …

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The UK too can defend its territorial integrity

Did you notice that there has been a war going on in Europe? It started on the 27th of September and concluded with a ceasefire on the 10th of November. The issue of the conflict is the Republic of Artsakh. My guess is that rather few people in Britain know …

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No White Knight Will Save You

Brent Cameron is a Senior Advisor with Concierge Strategies, and a local councillor in Ontario, Canada. The second edition of Brent H. Cameron’s 2005 book, “The Case for Commonwealth Free Trade: Options for a new globalization” is available on Amazon worldwide – both in paperback and in Kindle e-book formats. For an …

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Biden our time

In most European countries there is only a moderate amount of coverage of American politics and American elections. They are interested of course in who wins, but they are not that interested. They don’t follow all the day to day details of American political life like we do in Britain. …

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