Thursday , July 7 2022

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A great moment but challenges remain

Today’s announcement from the Prime Minister that the last vestiges of the coronavirus restrictions are being absolished is most welcome and fantastic news. The act itself will expire, the taxpayer will no longer pay for healthy people to test and there will be no more restrictions from the UK government …

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Illegal migration is the biggest threat we face

A nation is defined by its borders. Without delineation between that which is within the nation, and that which is without, there is no nation. President Trump, on a visit to Poland, once opined that the question of our age was whether the West had the will to survive, and …

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Boris is doing what Cameron couldn’t

Two weeks ago Labour thought they had all but sealed not only victory in the then-upcoming Hartlepool by-election as well as Local Government Elections with their “Tory Sleaze allegations.” They also firmly believed that they had politically wounded Boris Johnson. However, for those who have followed Johnson’s career, it is …

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Boris’ obliteration of Labour continues

English local election results have continued right where General Election 2019 left off – namely, the Conservatives winning over the former Labour “red wall.” Councils that were once the safest of safe Labour areas are now Tory. Hartlepool, a constituency that has been controlled by Labour since its inception, now …

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Could the SDP be the UKIP of the left?

The Social Democratic Party, yes, the one formed in 1981 – sort of – are enjoying something of a renaissance. They have emerged from the political wilderness with a fresh policy platform, its tone neatly surmised by their new slogan: Family, Community, Nation. They intend to speak directly to the …

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Starmer is outflanking Boris on the right

Sir Keir Starmer was billed by his detractors as the MP for the liberal elite, the Baronet to the ‘People’s Vote’, a Knight in an ivory tower who had neither the acumen nor the character to take back the Red Wall. As soon as Starmer won the Labour leadership contest, …

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Sharing a trench with Starmer

Keir Starmer wants voters to believe that Labour has rediscovered its patriotism and that it loves Britain as much as everyone else. He wants us to believe that Labour is different now than it was when it was led by Jeremy Corbyn. It is clear that Starmer is a much …

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Don’t lose faith in the Conservative Party or Boris

Many lefties and Labour supporters, even those within the Conservative Party who were angry at the Cummings situation, waited for the release of the YouGov polls, hoping to see a major change in the fortunes of the Tory Party as well as Prime Minister Boris Johnson. However not only were …

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Brexit betrayal – don’t lose faith in democracy yet

The past few weeks and days have been exhausting to say the least. As a passionate Brexiteer I find myself close to simply giving up. On Tuesday 22nd October a Withdrawal Agreement bill was finally passed! However, less than twenty minutes later, parliament decided to vote down the government’s optimistic …

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