Wednesday , July 6 2022

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To the Left, everything disagreeable is far right

When are self-identifying lefties going to acknowledge the evils of far-left ideology? They will not. To the modern Left, every form of extremism is far right… Authoritarianism (more rules)? Far right.Anarchism (no rules)? Also far right. Plutocracy (rule by the few)? Far right.Populism (appealing to the masses)? Also far right. …

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The Left is winning

Until recently I thought that the Right had won the economic battle decisively, but were gradually losing the cultural war. Now I am not so optimistic. Conservative economics suffered a set-back at the last election and now Conservatives are actually helping the Left to still more decisively destroy Conservative values. …

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Equality or freedom

What is it that distinguishes people on the Left and people on the Right? We now have two party politics again. But what is the choice between these two parties fundamentally about? The answer can be summarised in the following way. Conservatism is about what is. Liberalism/Socialism is about what …

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A world without work

I am running out of things to write about Scottish politics. Maybe it is just that I have written too much. I certainly imagine that my opponents think this. There is a special place in their hearts for me. Eventually they all blow up and say something nasty even if …

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