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Don’t be daft! Tolkein was not racist

Was Tolkien really racist? Cornel Zuegler, CC BY-SA Dimitra Fimi, University of Glasgow In demonising orcs, the ugly, monstrous enemy of the elves, did JRR Tolkien betray a belief that “some races are worse than others”? That’s the debate that has been at the heart of claims in the British …

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Ian McEwan On Identity Politics

Only this immensely privileged generation of students can afford the luxury of being Social Justice Warriors In the course of an interesting interview with the Guardian’s Decca Aitkenhead promoting his new novel “Nutshell”, author Ian McEwan digresses on the subject of identity politics. From the feature article: “Where I get a little …

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Chapter III: The friends of Mr. Pitt

The following is an extract from the book: The Conservation of Liberty: An Examination of the British Conservative Tradition in a Little Blue Book. It is available for purchase at The modern Conservative Party can trace its origins to a faction of the Whig Party which eventually came to embody a movement …

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