Monday , July 4 2022

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Mark Carney’s first Reith Lecture

This morning I sat cuddled up with my dog to listen to the first Reith Lecture, given by Dr Mark Carney, the ex-Goldman Sachs, ex-Governor of the Bank of England.  It is one of the benefits of the current lockdown that we can sit in peace and broaden our minds. There …

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The economy, value of pound, trade in July 2019

The graphs below summarise the current state of the UK economy: The central, grey line is the Purchase Power Parity (PPP) of the pound – what the pound is really worth when buying things in the UK, this is the real value of the pound. The coloured lines show when …

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Rasputin must go

It has been reported that Olly Robbins, Britain’s chief Brexit negotiator, was loudly telling a Brussels bar the government’s alleged Brexit strategy. According to Angus Walker of ITV, Mr. Robbins said two significant things: 1. that the Prime Minister would force MPs to choose between her deal and a delay …

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Bank of England gives Green Light to WTO Brexit

Coverage in the media of the fact that the Belfast Agreement does NOT specify open borders with frictionless trade in Ireland has been entirely suppressed (read the Belfast Agreement here if you don’t know this) and the news that the Bank of England has calculated that a WTO Brexit with a 21 …

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British common sense

What has become of common sense in Britain?  Did it all depart at 04.40 on June 24, 2016, when the BBC’s David Dimbleby announced that Leave had won the European Referendum? I guess maybe Voltaire was right ‘Common sense is not so common’. I won’t go into all of the …

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