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What can be done about the BBC?

The BBC is trusted to provide an in-depth and unbiased account of the news.  Does it fulfill this brief? National and Public Service Broadcasters use four main techniques to impose bias. The most frequent bias is the omission of news from one side of a debate so that it appears …

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Are Astra Zeneca Vaccine Reactions a Scapegoat for the EU?

I once spent several months operating the adverse reactions database for a major pharmaceutical company.  Most drugs and vaccines had at least one death associated with their use such as anaphylaxis or skin rashes so terrible that the patient died.  When millions of people are exposed to any novel substance …

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The EU shows its true colours.

Only one major Western Country has started a vaccine war, undermined confidence in vaccinations and signed a trade and investment agreement with China.  That country is the European Union. The mainstream media liberally condemns any behaviour by the UK or USA that fails to make it onto the latest moral …

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No Platforming: The BBC is also Guilty

The Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden, is considering appointing a “Free Speech Champion” and introducing fines for universities that “no-platform” speakers.  This is excellent news.  We can tell it is a move in the right direction because the Guardian ran a comment piece criticising it. No-platforming at universities by students is just the …

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The BBC: the need for change

The BBC has been subject to dramatic changes in its Charter over the past 14 years and this has had a deeply negative effect on the Corporation. The BBC Charters until 2007 placed the BBC under fairly tight government control and used general advisory and national broadcasting councils to monitor fairness and …

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