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The BBC: the need for change

The BBC has been subject to dramatic changes in its Charter over the past 14 years and this has had a deeply negative effect on the Corporation. The BBC Charters until 2007 placed the BBC under fairly tight government control and used general advisory and national broadcasting councils to monitor fairness and …

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Brexit and the Media

Broadcast journalists and comedians are almost uniformly anti-Brexit.  Curiously this unanimity of outlook applies to many other areas. If there were a billion people on the Earth global warming would not be happening.  Global warming is the effect of seven billion people (and rising) on the planet.  Journalists uniformly neglect …

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I’m Sorry, Is Brexit Boring You?

Laughing at Britain’s Brexit woes might be justified if other countries were successfully tackling the pre-eminent problem of the early 21st century — reconciling meaningful democracy and self-determination with the imperative for global regulation and governance. But since no-one else has bothered to pick up the torch of destiny, maybe it’s …

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Lessons On Populism, From Bono

How to solve the “scourge” of European populism? CNN’s Fareed Zakaria makes a pilgrimage to Kiev, to consult with the geopolitical oracle known as Bono Every now and then you read an article so astonishingly un-self aware, so counterproductive, so open to attack and ridicule on multiple fronts that it …

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Who Is Truly Marginalised? – Part 2

Champions of intersectional identity politics in academia, culture and government have accrued near-hegemonic societal power for themselves by exploiting both the real and imagined oppression of certain groups on whose behalf they boldly presume to speak Last month, I wrote a short reflection on who is and is not effectively marginalized …

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Who Is Truly Marginalised?

The marginalization of people and the marginalization of supposedly harmful ideas are very different phenomena, and the continued existence of the former neither requires nor excuses the latter Rod Dreher has a great reflection on his blog about who and what viewpoints in our present society are truly marginalised. Unsurprisingly, he …

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