Friday , July 1 2022

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Morality and Politics

The process of democracy evolved to allow those with different ideas of what is moral and right to co-exist in a society. The democratic process involves people freely expressing their opinions and then a vote being taken to decide which group of people should govern for a fixed period.  Political …

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Mark Carney’s first Reith Lecture

This morning I sat cuddled up with my dog to listen to the first Reith Lecture, given by Dr Mark Carney, the ex-Goldman Sachs, ex-Governor of the Bank of England.  It is one of the benefits of the current lockdown that we can sit in peace and broaden our minds. There …

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Why I am Quitting Netflix

The internet erupted in furore on Thursday when news broke of a film called ‘Cuties’ being published by the online streaming service Netflix. The film is billed as an empowering story of a young girl who defies her ‘conservative family’s wishes’ (yes, this is the description on Netflix) and joins …

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The Mock Morality

Our media, especially advertising media, is full of what is right and what is good.  Being right and good are the moral high ground from which product sales are made. But what is right and good? Why not just steal a loaf of bread if you are hungry?  This question …

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Freedom of conscience in medicine

The United Kingdom, along with most Western countries, has a long and distinguished record of allowing conscientious objection in wartime, the First World War being the most notable example. War is almost always a national emergency. Yet if governments can allow conscientious objection even in times of national emergency, why …

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Suicide is wrong

There’s been a lot of suicide this week. Many students are killing themselves. A musician killed himself. A very old man killed himself. The key to understanding suicide today is to look at the story of a 104 year old man who travelled to Switzerland to kill himself in a …

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We must learn to be British again

Something happened to Britain in the past fifty years or so. We were famous for not making a fuss no matter what happened and we were famous for not showing emotion. When Lord Uxbridge had his leg shot off at Waterloo, he is said to have remarked casually to the …

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