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How to: find the right car finance

It may be that you are a City whizz-kid with a nice fat annual bonus with which to buy a car. You may be of sufficient means to dip into your bank account, or you may have had the foresight to save up the many thousands needed. But for most …

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Road-test your towing knowledge

We’ve all seen examples of bad towing on the motorway or dual carriageway, but with luck you’ve never experienced a towing-related accident. Unfortunately, though, these are becoming all too frequent. The reason for this is that many of us just don’t realise how dangerous towing can be. So in a …

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Routes to a good deal

How to: explore other routes to a good deal. While a great many people don’t consider anyone other than their local dealer to supply a brand new car, there are alternatives that are worth exploring. Certainly there is some value in establishing a relationship with the garage that’s likely to …

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Park life

A VW Passat estate drives up, it stops half way into the road, the driver gets out, slams the door shut and, as he walks away from the car, he aims a remote control back at it. The car then proceeds to reverse park itself into the available space, turns …

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Eye on the road

Speed, we are often reminded, is one of the biggest killers on British roads. Yet in difficult traffic conditions with multiple demands upon driver concentration to keep a constant check on speed and ensure it’s within the limit. Carmaker Vauxhall has come up with a system that could help significantly. …

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Is the future car crash free?

If there’s one place where technology seems to be moving faster and faster it’s in the world of motoring – as evidenced at the Intelligent Transport Systems Congress in Stockholm this year.  The congress sees around 2,500 delegates from around the world gather to discuss high-tech transport systems and how …

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