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Bill’s Townhouse

Christmas is certainly in the New York air as 5th Avenue department stores begin to display their store fronts. It is a classic New York image painted in our minds; walking down the Avenue on the arm of our loved one admiring the beautiful windows. This holiday spirit entices friendly …

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A Renaissance at Kingsley.

 The Renaissance. A cultural movement that profoundly affected the intellect of Italy, Europe and eventually the world. Renaissance scholars embodied humanistic methods of study, searching for realism and human emotion through our experiences, and of course, artistic ability.  The Renaissance man sought to develop knowledge and skill of every kind. …

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Trademark Burger

New York is full of restaurants, bars, and diners that offer everyone’s favorite treat. Since 1884, we all have been enjoying the hamburger. But, ask yourself a serious question. Was it delicious, was it worth the price? Do you now have a “burger hangover?!” It amazes me so much how …

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