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Keep your kids dog-safe

Reports of savage dog attacks are rarely out of the headlines these days. Unsurprisingly, this leaves many parents worrying about the safety of their children around “man’s best friend”. Just how safe are our canine chums? Mutual respect between human and canine lies at the heart of ensuring you have …

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Birds face climate change crisis

When most of us think of climate change we often imagine melting polar ice caps, rising sea levels and sweltering summers. However it’s not just the landscapes that will be changing. Our skies could alter dramatically as the hotter temperatures push birds further north and some to the brink of …

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Devon’s donkey paradise

Just outside the picturesque seaside town of Sidmouth in Devon, within an oasis of tranquil unspoilt farmland and countryside, sits the Donkey Sanctuary. Here, abandoned, abused and unwanted donkeys find care, food, companionship and shelter. For nearly 40 years this sanctuary has provided a safe haven to over 400 of …

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Death trap chimneys

Open fireplaces can be beautiful, especially on a crisp winter day, but if your fire is not in use or has not been cleaned for some time you could have a nasty surprise waiting for you as chimney stacks can also be a death trap for birds. Often looking for …

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Cheap as chicks

Imagine you are locked in a tiny cage with ten other people and every time you try to stretch your arms or legs, you can’t because you’re so tightly squashed together. Now imagine you are forced to defecate and urinate where you stand and then have to sleep there too. …

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Charity tackles fishing

It’s not just fish that are getting caught by fishermen’s hooks and lines. Wildlife such as swans, ducks and other birds are getting tangled up and seriously injured in fishing tackle that careless anglers leave behind. Now, animal charity the RSPCA is making an appeal to anglers to clear up …

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Penguins in peril

We’ve all heard how climate change is significantly affecting the world and many of us are consciously making steps to cut our carbon emissions and make our lives more environment-friendly. But do many of us truly know how global warming is altering the lives of the many species of animals …

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