Wednesday , July 6 2022

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Could Scotland join the EU?

The UK is now definitely going to leave the EU. What does this mean for an independent Scotland joining the EU? 1. Political union. Scotland would have to promise to accept the aims of the EU. The EU aims to achieve monetary, fiscal and political union. It might have been …

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The Single Market versus a Free Trade Agreement

What should UK trading relations look like after 2019, when Brexit itself finally happens? We are now being told that the UK must enter the “Single Market “.  The Single Market is, in many ways, another name for being in the EU.  As the EU Commission puts it: “The Single Market …

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How to: make money with a weak pound

The price of holidaying abroad hasn’t been the only reason thousands of us have chosen to sit tight at home instead of taking our usual Med break this year.  An extraordinarily weak pound has meant that even the essentials can cost holidaymakers dearly whilst abroad. Now that the Bank of …

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