Friday , May 20 2022

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Mole hill

Mole hill or mountain? The Supreme Court has decided. Boris Johnson has acted unlawfully. The eleven law Lords and Ladies leapt into deciding that he incorrectly advised the Queen. This Prorogation of Parliament was found to be wrong. Has he dug himself into a hole? Is this a media mole …

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Prorogation – some perspectives

Boris has made the decision to seek prorogation of Parliament. Voices from all political parties, including elements of his own, have screamed outrage. Is prorogation a political necessity or are the cynics right? History might provide some perspective. Prorogation is the process of ending one session of Parliament in order …

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Stopping the Remain MPs

In 1997 John Major prorogued Parliament on 21st March, formally dissolved Parliament on the 8th April and held a General Election on 1st May.  A similar schedule is likely to be followed by Boris Johnson if the EU fails to come up with a deal that is acceptable to Parliament.  …

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