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Tom’s Daily News & Comment – November 12

News review November 12 Russian doping Well, seems like the threat of a suspension and banning from the Rio Olympics has got President Putin’s attention. Putin is now scrambling to show activity – meaningful or otherwise – and that Russia is taking the issue seriously and will conduct its own …

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Tom’s Daily News & Comment- November 10 and 11

News review November 11 Football punishment The English Football Association has fined West Ham and Chelsea, £40,000 and £50,000 for ‘failing to control their players’ during their recent encounter.Seriously?  These amounts are utterly meaningless to clubs of their size.  Also, there is no punishment for the causers of the loss …

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Tom’s Daily News & Comment- November 8 and 9

This begins a series of Daily News Updates with Comment by Daily Globe Contributor Tom O’Brien News November 9 Comment on today’s news. Corbyn and the Armed Services Jeremy Corbyn is upset that the Chief of Military Staff has entered into ‘politics’ by saying that the Uk bombing Daesh in …

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