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The Fight for Independence continues. What next?

A pro-EU Parliament is in the process of refusing to implement the EU Referendum result.  It is two years and nine months since the Referendum and the best Parliament can offer is a further delay of almost two years.  A delay of 5 years amounts to MPs putting up two …

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Sophistation tastes or just snobbery and ignorance

Why do people make judgements based on age, likes, behaviour and opinions? You have a sophisticated palette if you like oysters (and know how to eat them) and foie gras. You are intellectual if you like classical music, read certain books and vote in a certain way. You won’t like …

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Who are Remain and Leave?

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting outside the Mezquita Catedral at Cordoba and looking around at all the tourists.  Most of the people under thirty were wearing tee shirts and jeans and without hearing their voices it was difficult to work out where they came from.  We see …

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Reflections on the Referendum in Britain

Firstly, I would like to remark at what a revealing few days this has been, on all sides of the EU referendum debate. I have learnt a lot more about the nature of the campaigns on both sides from the fallout of this referendum than I did over the course …

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