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EU Nationalism

The history of the Common Market, EEC and EU has been one of steadily increasing union. Those who support the EU on the continent are openly working towards a single Nation.  They are EU Nationalists.  The EU Nationalists in the UK never admit that the EU project is about building a …

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#Brexit and the Legitimacy of Procedure

Brexit: will it happen? Should it happen? Can it happen? You would think, from the challenges made to Brexit from Gina Miller’s legal challenge to Dominic Grieve’s political manoeuvrings to the House of Lords’ implication that the British people did not know what they were voting for, that the answer to these questions is …

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Fighting on the ice

In 2014 when I was campaigning for Scotland to remain a part of the UK it never occurred to me that the result of the referendum might be ignored or obstructed. If the Yes side had won, I fully expected that in a short time Scotland would become a fully …

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We chose, we choose

This post is mainly aimed at the people of the UK and the leaders of EU countries. Firstly though, I have to say wow, just wow!  A referendum result that has made me very, very happy.  Even more happier than the result of the Scottish Independence Referendum.  Of course there …

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It’s about being positive and taking control

Regular readers will not be surprised that I am voting to Leave the European Union in Thursday’s referendum, however I wanted to share why and maybe persuade any waverers and undecided. I am afraid I must start off in a negative frame of mind.  I have to look at the …

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