Sunday , July 3 2022

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Dying in a ditch

Parliament has passed a bill which forbids the Prime Minister from leaving the EU without a deal. If he is unable to come to an agreement with the EU, or if that deal is not agreed by Parliament then he has to ask the EU for an extension. What happens …

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The trial of Effie Deans

Imagine if thirty years ago someone had been murdered in Cambridge. Suddenly the police arrive and knock on my door and accuse me of being the murderer. They take me into custody, question me and eventually charge that on the night of November 4th 1987 I did willfully and with …

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The proper application of rule of law.

As those who read my blog probably have figured out by now, I see most government intrusions into the lives of ordinary citizens as a harmful thing. The less government, with less spending, less taxing, and less regulation, is the best government because it allows the invisible hand of the …

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