Monday , August 15 2022

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Get us out

We are in very odd political times in Britain. It’s something very difficult to write about in advance because the story is so fast moving that no-one can predict what will happen tomorrow, next week, let alone next year. Theresa May’s White Paper on Brexit could I think change everything …

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Post-Brexit Britain: Defining ‘#Brexit’

One of the most used newish words in the world in 2016 was Brexit. But the difficulty is how one defines Brexit. It would seem to come in many different forms – the adjectives ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ might put one in mind of boiled eggs – as well as colours …

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Britain Stronger In Europe Tacitly Admit They Were Lying The Whole Time

While advocating a “soft Brexit” as their fallback position, Remainers contradict themselves and expose the tawdry lies they told during the EU referendum Even Open Britain, the shrivelled husk of Will Straw’s failed Remain campaign group Britain Stronger in Europe, has now effectively admitted that leaving the European Union need not be …

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