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Brexit tariff reduction

News has broken that in the event of “No Deal”, up to 90 % of tariffs will be removed. Confirmation seems to have come from a refusal to deny from Greg Clark, Business Secretary. Naturally, views have been expressed, from all political vantage points. The opposition can be expected to …

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Fishing, Fisheries and #Brexit

There have recently been many wild claims about the effect of Brexit on the Fishing Industry. The most important three facts about the UK fishing industry are that almost half of UK fish quotas are caught within the UK 200 mile limit, Foreign fishing companies operating in UK can easily …

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Barnier, Bonaparte & The Continental System

The EU has decided to defer the latest round of negotiations for two months. Apparently, we are to stand with our faces in the corner because we aren’t discussing the Brexit Bill. Whether this deferment will continue is a key question that needs to be answered, otherwise we face the …

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A policy for Brexit

Introduction Following the EU referendum on 23rd June 2016, the British people voted to leave the EU, i.e. NOT to be a member of the SEM. The government tell us that Brexit means Brexit, but not what Brexit means. This is an attempt to set out a negotiating position. Article …

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