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Are the Conservatives the Party of the Rich?

Writing for the Daily Globe UK several weeks ago, I sought to defend the current government in terms of policies which have impacted on the lowest paid in Britain. I defended the Conservative record and argued against the media narrative that the lowest paid have been hammered by a pernicious …

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Shouldn’t the rich contribute more?

Richest 1% pay 29% income tax. How much more can we expect the rich to contribute? Shouldn’t the rich contribute more? How much the rich contribute Rich people already contribute more. How much more? Here are some rough statistics of how much tax is contributed according to income bands (from 2012, United Kingdom)… …

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Why I’m Voting Conservative

As a young person whose political allegiances lie with the Conservatives I have received a lot of abuse. The most common accusations and comments I’ve received are usually along the lines of calling me rich and selfish. Personal insults have also been thrown, however, in my eyes these do not …

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Weighing in on the grammar school debate

I thought I’d weigh in with a few thoughts on the ongoing (and frankly rather dull) grammar school debate that has attracted quite a lot of attention in recent days. It is an argument which is often dragged to the foreground, despite a far greater problem within education looming behind …

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