Monday , July 4 2022

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The DUP – are caves really so bad?

So the Tories and the DUP have just signed the long-awaited confidence and supply deal. For those out of the loop, I’ve put a link here. There’s been a lot of anxiety surrounding the potential Conservative deal with the Democratic Unionists, and to be quite honest, I’ve had no sympathy …

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The benefits of constitutional monarchy

The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy, and has been credited with being the pioneering nation in this kind of government. It is a form of government that has developed over many hundreds of years and has faced many challenges, but through all these challenges has endured. A classical conservative …

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Traditions – Why we need them, and when we don’t

Every nation on Earth has established traditions and customs. Great Britain has a great many also, although in the modern age, the traditions of this country are being increasingly challenged and removed from public life. Challenging and questioning traditions are not always a bad thing, but we must examine tradition …

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