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A Frank Discussion about Truth

Truth is one of the most fascinating concepts that exists, as it guides the pursuit of all disciplines and interactions. In academic work, be it scientific or philosophical, the main pursuit is truth; in human interaction, a fundamental assumption for a functioning society is that what is being said or …

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A terrible act requires a determined response

There isn’t that much in Russia that works, they have practically no exports except oil, gas and commodities, which in part is the reason their economy has been in steep decline lately, but there are still some things they do well. The FSB, or KGB mark II is still very …

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We must act as Guardians of Truth

In the mid-eighties, David Hare and Howard Brenton joined forces and co-wrote a play about a South African newspaper magnate whose sole and contrived aim was to gain control of Fleet Street and the associated media, sound familiar? The fictitious character of Lambert Le Roux was created and based upon …

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