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Federalism plus nationalism equals secession

The United Kingdom almost uniquely in the world is threatened by secession. Some people such as Nick Timothy and Gordon Brown have proposed federalism as a solution. But in order to understand a solution it is first necessary to understand the problem. Northern Ireland is threatened with secession, which some …

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How Boris can get around the Benn Act

Following Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister in July 2019, Brexiters gained a new impetus and energy to resolve the Brexit deadlock. In response, Remainers in Parliament moved to thwart them, by seeking to take “No Deal” off the table. They did this on the 4th September 2019, with Hilary Benn …

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The Supreme Court Rules Against the People

On 24th September 2019, the UK Supreme Court ruled that the current prorogation of Parliament was illegal. The Supreme Court began its ruling with the concept of dividing the process into whether the Court had the power to intervene in a political decision such as prorogation (judiciability) and then, if …

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Boris fights the Trojan horse aimed at destroying democracy

In a recent BBC article I was shocked to read the following line, “Boris Johnson’s government seemingly on a collision course with Parliament over Brexit”. The left coupled with those who are not fully informed on Brexit may think that the Government is at war with the Parliament when the …

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