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In defence of UK unity

Will Northern Ireland remain a part of the UK or will it in the near future join a united Ireland. As with everything else I have a Pro UK perspective. I want Northern Ireland to stay a part of the UK for the same reason that I want Scotland to …

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Let Spring follow Winter

When I write these articles it is the equivalent of public speaking for me, which is terrifying and makes me feel stressed and ill afterwards. Which is why on the run up to the referendum and afterwards I resisted the urge, there were enough people shouting the odds. However I …

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National sovereignty

Let me ask you a question, dear reader, about sovereignty. “Why is it that a sovereign nation like Great Britain and Northern Ireland should find itself having to ask permission of an unelected political and economic entity such as the EU to leave her relationship with that body?” The question …

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“Pooled sovereignty” is an oxymoron

The concept of “pooled sovereignty” is rather like “guided democracy” or “autocratic vote”, one word overrides the meaning of the other. Let’s consider the basic meaning of words: Sovereignty is the idea of a nation being self-governing, having ultimate power or supreme jurisdiction over its own laws and direction. The …

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British Democracy or European Oligarchy: You Decide.

This week is it. Your decision time has arrived Britannia. Leave or Stay: what’ll it be? Most Britons have made up their mind by now which way they are going to vote. The polls (if they are to be believed following their poor performance ahead of the 2015 General Election) …

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EU half-truths

Have you received the propaganda leaflet from the UK government yet?  What did you do with it?  Straight in the bin? Read it?  I tore mine up and sent it back to the Conservative party at their FreePost address.  That way, Cameron’s party can pay 70p for the privilege of …

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