Sunday , September 26 2021

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Blurred Lines

Here is a very interesting article from Vladimir Putin. It is interesting even if only that it was by the President of Russia himself & published in an American paper. His arguments, if they are true, are fairly compelling. However, I think he is not being forthright about Russia’s involvement …

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Weekend Jobs Report.

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend! It was fantastic to hear all the comments on my blogs, I love all the insight I gain from you all’s perspective. Anyway, just a quick weekend news update, in America we now have the lowest workforce participation rate in 35 years.  America’s …

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Power to the People!

A free person is a powerful person. A person who does not depend on the government is the freest person of all because they can decide the course of their own life. However, a person who cannot pay the bills or who struggles to get by is highly susceptible to …

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The proper application of rule of law.

As those who read my blog probably have figured out by now, I see most government intrusions into the lives of ordinary citizens as a harmful thing. The less government, with less spending, less taxing, and less regulation, is the best government because it allows the invisible hand of the …

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A Truly Happy Day.

There are few things that bring people together in the world anymore. People are divided in politics, in sport, in culture and under every balkanisational category one can think of these days. However, today with the birth of the new royal son, this blog sends congratulations from Texas for the …

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