Monday , November 29 2021

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British Universities are Severely Compromised by Links with China

The Russell Group of top UK universities released a document in 2018 that detailed how the UK has now moved ahead of Japan to become the second most popular partner for Chinese researchers after the US.  China is a National Socialist State (See National Socialism with Chinese Characteristics) yet British universities boast …

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It’s a no-brainer: children should sing the national anthem

This week, Ian Pye published a fantastic piece on the importance of remembering and learning the lessons of history after watching the recent film The Darkest Hour. Many people agree with him, as it has been reported that in theatres across the country people are giving standing ovations to Churchill’s …

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The Little University on the Prairie

Apparently there is a plan in Scotland to pay students £8000 per year to study. Scottish students already have their fees paid by the taxpayer. The idea now is that they should be paid the equivalent of the “living wage” to study. This all begins to get rather expensive for …

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