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Decolonising the curriculum

I have been asked to help decolonise the curriculum where I work. I take this to mean I must remove all subjects that benefitted from colonisers or colonialism, all writers who were involved in or benefited from the slave trade or indeed all books that nice people in 2021 should …

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China: Are we too late to react?

My joy at opening this week’s AAAS magazine “Science” was slightly blunted by the four pages of Chinese Government advertising that were followed by a long editorial article on how the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) should be given NIH funds.  The article did not mention that due to the …

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British Universities are Severely Compromised by Links with China

The Russell Group of top UK universities released a document in 2018 that detailed how the UK has now moved ahead of Japan to become the second most popular partner for Chinese researchers after the US.  China is a National Socialist State (See National Socialism with Chinese Characteristics) yet British universities boast …

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Who Is Truly Marginalised? – Part 2

Champions of intersectional identity politics in academia, culture and government have accrued near-hegemonic societal power for themselves by exploiting both the real and imagined oppression of certain groups on whose behalf they boldly presume to speak Last month, I wrote a short reflection on who is and is not effectively marginalized …

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The European Union’s Long Game

The dream of a federal Europe is not dead, or even resting. European political union is a long game – watch closely on a day to day basis and you will notice nothing moving. Only when viewed at a distance of years and decades does the direction of travel become crystal …

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Starting university: Money tips for parents

Your child isn’t a baby any longer; he or she has packed a pot noodle and a selection of too large hoodies in anticipation of their very first forays in to the Big Wide World. AKA University. But just because they’re moving in to halls doesn’t mean they won’t need …

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I want to learn from you

This school year is my final year in university, when it is all done I will have had 7 years of college education (4 undergrad, 3 graduate). I thought I was fortunate to receive a fairly good education. During my undergraduate studies I earned a Bachelor of Arts majoring in …

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