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What do I hope to achieve by leaving the EU?

Recently I have been asked the question ‘what does the UK want?’ I think the bigger question is what do we hope to achieve by leaving the EU. I personally usually freeze up when confronted by this question for two reasons really. Firstly the question is usually attached to a …

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The inconvenient fact of Yes/Leave voters

The passing tourist of Scottish politics can be pardoned for presuming Scotland to be a land of excitable swivel-eyed devotees of the European integrationist project, where attitudes towards mass immigration and its cultural and economic benefits are a pole apart from the primitive tribalism expressed by our backward southern neighbours. …

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Learning from Leave

In Scotland it’s important that Pro UK people move beyond our disagreements.  Keeping up the pressure on the SNP requires us not to squabble among ourselves.  Whichever way we voted in the EU referendum it’s crucial that we learn the lessons of that campaign. Obviously Remain had good arguments that …

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Reflections on the Referendum in Britain

Firstly, I would like to remark at what a revealing few days this has been, on all sides of the EU referendum debate. I have learnt a lot more about the nature of the campaigns on both sides from the fallout of this referendum than I did over the course …

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Britain to leave the EU! Well done!

Today brings us the most wonderful news for 50 years as the British people  voted to leave the European Union.  The headline figure for the vote was 51.9% Leave versus 48.1% Remain, a 3.8% margin in favour of leaving. The reaction of pundits from the three main political parties to …

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Why I am Voting Leave

I, for one, am somewhat relieved that two campaigns of immense hyperbole have come to an end. From day one, exaggerations, ignorance and even blatant lies have too often been the only things reigning victorious in the lengthy British referendum on EU membership. However, due to it being my last …

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Let Sunshine Win the Day: #VoteLeave

Two weeks from today the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland could be discovering herself a truly free and independent nation. Recent polling shows victory to be more than within grasp. How we will win though? What can we do to push Leave over the top? Very simple- …

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America’s AU Referendum- America in Britain’s situation

To have a proper debate on anything requires the most global of perspectives. Unfortunately, most of the EU referendum debate so far has been either “euro-centric” or “Britain of 2015-centric” and often fails to take into account how Brexit affects the rest of the world or how it would be …

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