Wednesday , July 6 2022

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The healthiest drink in town

Our bodies may depend on water for health and life, but if you are looking for a drink that can inject your body with concentrated nutrients, a cup of freshly juiced vegetables is the best around. If, like many people, you think that a savoury drink would be about as …

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Drinking enough?

We all know that not drinking enough water is bad for you, but it seems drinking too much can be equally bad, according to recent reports. With all these mixed messages it’s hardly surprising that many of us are left wondering how much water is enough. As most of us …

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Gardening for the eco warrior

Make these simple changes to your gardening regime to keep your carbon footprint right down while your garden looks good the year round… Swap Your Mower  Swapping your petrol mower for a manual equivalent can save a massive 36kg of CO2 annually and save you around £18 a year too, …

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