Wednesday , July 6 2022

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Brexit was just the end of the beginning

The Brexit vote was about returning power to the British people. Remoaners can spin and cry and complain but polls confirm the British people understood what they were voting for: restoring sovereignty. It was a great victory for all of us who campaigned for Brexit and we here at the …

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SNP threats over #Brexit are empty

William Hague has recently stated that although he dislikes much about the EU, he will be voting to remain. His arguments amount to the following. He thinks that we have to be in the single market to shape and benefit from it. He thinks that the EU despite its faults helps …

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William Hague is scaremongering over the EU referendum

As the EU Referendum creeps closer don’t be fooled by high profile politicians, such as William Hague, being wheeled out one after another to make a case for staying in the EU. Although unsettling to an uninformed general public, a favourite point being made throughout UK media given his previous Eurosceptic stance, this …

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Boris is right on Syria.

Writing today in the Daily Telegraph, London mayor Boris Johnson says it is madness for the west to arm the Syrian rebels. Unfortunately, I must agree, the conflict has now become one without good or bad guys, now it seems the war has become a war between an oppressive, brutal …

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