Thursday , July 7 2022

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He and She

When the Berlin Wall came down, the Soviet Union collapsed and China briefly looked as if it might go the same way with the Tiananmen Square protests, the West declared itself the victor, history had ended and we could sink into our sofas. We began to get fatter and lazier. …

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What shall we call them?

They joy of being a civil servant in Scotland has just increased. The Scottish Government is backing proposals to encourage eight thousand of them to take a pronoun pledge. Fortunately, this will not involve abstaining from alcohol as previous pledges once did, nor will it involve polishing wooden furniture. Rather …

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What will it be like in 2050?

Universities have a privileged position in Britain. The development and testing of Covid vaccines in part justifies this. The scientists worldwide who were behind this showed that they are worth funding because what they do is not merely clever, but useful. While many businesses have failed in Britain due to …

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Are you Woke?

I was chatting to a neighbour at my garden gate today and he said “these Woke people remind me of the Baptists when I was a boy, telling you what you can and cannot do”.  I said “at least the Baptists were real, do you actually know anyone who is …

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In Defence Of JK Rowling

When the famed Harry Potter author composed tweets stating that sex is real and that only women menstruate and men have penises, it triggered quite an avalanche of deeply misogynistic, hate and abuse including threats of sexual violence for daring to break from the dogmatic left’s line regarding woke transgenderism …

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