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Who are we as a country?

On the streets of Manchester, I asked a question to the general public: “Are you proud of our country?”. A range of answers sprang from this question: from a young communist on his way home from a hard shift at Tesco, to an old lady struggling to use Google Maps …

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Caught on the boundary

There are no longer very many people who served in World War Two like Prince Philip and Captain Tom. We are getting to the stage when soon there will be none at all. Captain Tom was born in 1920 and so when he joined the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment in …

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Weekly Globe Episode 7

This is the seventh in a series of weekly podcasts featuring Ted Yarbrough and Isaac Anderson. The podcast summarised the Manchester attack, Labour’s association with terrorism and concluded with a progress report on the CRCC- the Commonwealth, Realms & CANZUK campaign. We hope readers enjoy the Weekly Globe podcasts. You can listen …

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Chapter 2- Forgotten Great Britain

Great Britain has been forgotten before. Without a hint of irony, the world, academics, politics and most of its citizens called the UK “England” for most of its history. Even the great historian AJP Taylor recited his English History without the slightest embarrassment that the story he was retelling was …

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ISIS won’t check the SNP’s voting record

If you could replay May and June 1940, I think, nine times out of ten Britain would emerge defeated. If our armies had been destroyed at Dunkirk, we would have surrendered. It took an unlikely combination of German incompetence and something approaching a miracle that this did not occur. The …

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The glue that holds us together

Scottish politics appears trivial to me now. I find myself uninterested. Perhaps I will get my interest back. Ordinary life, after all, goes on and must go on. But the events of the past week have shaken me. Some people have responded with the usual clichés and the usual complacency. …

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Murdoch’s Shame

Today the Sun published a photo of the 7 year old Queen and her mother allegedly doing a Nazi salute in 1933. I am not going to show it because “shares” only encourage that type of behaviour. Of course, it was on the newspaper’s front page with the classy headline …

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